After Pam’s stroke, her husband, Derek took the role of her primary carer. As Derek’s health also started to deteriorate, he reached out for support from the MCF.

“My wife, Pam, had a stroke nine years ago and has been disabled on her left side ever since. Carers visit four times a day, but outside of those visits I am responsible for Pam’s every need,” says Derek.

“Last summer I was diagnosed with a heart condition and was told I would need to have an operation that would require several weeks’ recovery time. I knew that Pam would need someone to look after her whilst I was in hospital, so I contacted my local council to see if they could help – they were able to cover some of the cost but I would need to come up with the rest myself.”

The MCF covered the remaining cost and I went ahead with my surgery. The support meant I was able to focus on my own health so that I could recover and carry on my caring duties. We are extremely grateful.

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