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Encouraging opportunity, promoting independence and improving wellbeing.

The results are in!

To commemorate 300 years of Freemasonry we’re supporting 300 charities with a share of £3,000,000. To get the results register

Click here to find out the results of the MCF Community Awards

We hope you've enjoyed our video series, Making Memories, over the past few weeks. If you didn't catch it, you can watch all 3 episodes here >>…. If you did, here's a bonus video diary from the family! #MakingMemories #OpportunityForAll #MND

We provide support to Freemasons, their families and the wider community

Facts about our work last year...



grants were awarded to Masonic families

£9.2 M


helped to support Masonic families

£4.7 M


was awarded to 414 charities



The First Year: Our first Impact Report is now available

The MCF was established for Freemasons, for their families and for the wider community; for the big issues in society and for the small...
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Dogs for Good grant helps support children with autism

Dogs for Good, an Oxfordshire-based charity which makes life changing differences to people with disabilities, has been awarded £60,000. Over the next three years, this...
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  • 07.11.2017

    Better Lives: Winter 2017 issue now available

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  • 02.11.2017

    Freemasons donate £110,000 to support Caribbean relief efforts

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  • 27.10.2017

    Helping Home-Start Wirral support vulnerable mothers

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